Weekly Welfare Servicing

At Waste Tank Services, we proudly offer comprehensive servicing for our customers' own welfare units. By incorporating your units into our weekly scheduled service runs, our dedicated drivers will expertly handle waste tank emptying, water tank refills, and any additional cleaning required, following your specific instructions.

Additionally, we provide complete cleaning services for accommodation units and site cabins. Our versatile fleet of service vehicles ranges from 4X4 pick-ups for restricted access sites to 18-ton tankers, ensuring efficient service across a variety of unit types, including single toilets, mobile and static welfare units, tanks, and welfare vans. For pricing inquiries or further details, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or message.

Experience reliable and professional servicing tailored to your welfare units with Waste Tank Services.

Effluent tank Hire Services

At Waste Tank Services, we specialize in the safe and responsible removal and disposal of commercial effluents. With a substantial fleet of vacuum tankers at our disposal, we offer a fast and dependable commercial tank emptying service on both a one-off basis and as part of a service agreement.

We take pride in our professional approach to waste management, ensuring compliance with all regulations. As a Licensed Environment Agency & SEPA Waste Carrier, we uphold our duty of care to dispose of waste responsibly, maintaining a thorough audit trail throughout the process.

Waste is generated in various settings, from construction and commercial sites to industrial, sporting, leisure, and entertainment venues. To meet your waste removal and disposal needs, we provide a range of services, including emergency and standby services, nationwide coverage across Scotland, England, and Wales, efficient emptying of effluent tanks of up to 2400 gallons, servicing of septic and effluent tanks, as well as static and mobile welfare units. Moreover, we offer toilet water tank refilling and water tank refills of up to 800 gallons with clean water.

Our extensive fleet of vacuum tankers ensures prompt and reliable tank emptying services, available as one-off visits or through regular weekly and fortnightly service agreements. For an immediate quote, please contact us, and our specialists will gladly arrange a site visit to discuss your specific requirements. Trust Waste Tank Services for efficient and responsible waste management solutions.


Septic Tank Emptying

At Waste Tank Services, we understand the potential troubles associated with leaving domestic waste in septic tanks, effluent tanks, or Klargester systems for extended periods. Our goal is to help you avoid problems such as overflowing tanks and the accumulation of food or fat traps, which can lead to unhygienic and unpleasant odors. So, what's the solution?

Our fleet of small and large tankers is equipped with the necessary tools to handle all your waste removal and disposal requirements. Our highly skilled drivers specialise in navigating confined spaces, ensuring minimal disruption to you and your neighbours. We value your time, so we will work closely with you to agree upon a convenient date and time for the service, and we will stick to it.

As a repeat customer, you can expect personalised service. If a driver has previously visited your property and understands your specific needs, they will be assigned to the job. Many of our longstanding customers trust our experienced drivers and feel comfortable not supervising the operation if they are familiar with the assigned driver.

To show our appreciation for your regular business, we offer discounted rates through our Regular Service Discount Scheme.

Trust Waste Tank Services to provide efficient waste removal and disposal services, ensuring the proper maintenance of your septic tanks, effluent tanks, or Klargester systems. Avoid potential issues and enjoy peace of mind with our reliable and customer-focused approach.

Wastewater Removal

Waste Tank Services specialises in efficient and reliable wastewater removal, ensuring proper waste management. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we can handle all your wastewater storage systems.

Our dedicated drivers offer prompt and professional service, minimising disruption to your operations. As a Licensed Environment Agency & SEPA Waste Carrier, we prioritise environmental compliance and maintain a complete audit trail.

Choose Waste Tank Services for hassle-free wastewater removal, tailored to your needs.